How do I get an Uninstall Code?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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Some members can't get an Uninstall Code in our online member portal, My Account, because their Account Admin removed their uninstall permission.

Also, members don't need an Uninstall Code to remove Covenant Eyes on an iPhone, but you can prevent uninstalling via Screen Time.

  1. Tap this link to view the How to Uninstall page in My Account and sign in with your Covenant Eyes username and password.

    You do not have permission to uninstall

    If the How to Uninstall page says, "You do not have permission to uninstall," contact your Account Admin and ask them to get an Uninstall Code for you. 


  2. Tap "Get Uninstall Code." We will notify your allies via email that you are getting an Uninstall Code.

  3. You can see the Uninstall Code.
  4. Tap your device and then follow the instructions to uninstall Covenant Eyes.

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