How do I add an ally or Filter Guardian for a member?

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About Adding Allies & Filter Guardians for a Member

  • Only the Account Admin (Admin) can add Filter Guardians for members by sending them an email invitation from their account.

  • The Admin can add new allies for members, or the members can add new allies themselves.

  • The Admin can also add an ally or add a Filter Guardian for themselves.

Adding an Ally or Filter Guardian for a Member

  1. Open the Victory app on your phone or tablet and enter your username and password to sign in.
  2. Tap "Account."
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  3. Tap the name of the member you want to add an ally or Filter Guardian for.
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  4. Tap the "+ Invite an ally for (member's name)" button, which allows you to add an ally or Filter Guardian.
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  5. Type in the person's full name in the Name field, type in their email address in the Email field, tap the box next to Their ally or Their filter guardian, or both. 
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  6. You'll see a confirmation message. You're all set! Now, the new ally/Filter Guardian must accept the email invitation. 
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