Will filtering interfere with Turbotax or my tax software?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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The Covenant Eyes filter should not interfere with Turbotax or your tax software. But if you run into issues, you can follow these steps:

  1. Edit your Custom Website List: Your Filter Guardian can add your tax software’s website (e.g.,turbotax.intuit.com) as an allowed site to your Custom Website List. Doing so will enable the site to go through our filter. Please refresh Covenant Eyes on your computer after you add the site to your list.

  2. Change your Blocking Level: Covenant Eyes offers two Blocking Levels – Standard (default) and Strong. The Standard shouldn’t interfere with your tax program or website, but Strong may. If you use the Strong Blocking Level, your Filter Guardian can change it to Standard.

  3. Temporarily remove the Covenant Eyes filter: If the two previous steps don’t resolve your issue, your Account Admin (Admin) can remove the filter so you can complete your taxes. Refresh Covenant Eyes on your computer after the Admin removes the filter. Your Admin can re-add the filter after you finish your taxes.

  4. Uninstall Covenant Eyes: If all the above steps don’t fix the issue with Covenant Eyes and your tax program, uninstall Covenant Eyes to complete your taxes. You can reinstall Covenant Eyes after you complete your taxes.

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