What is an Install of Covenant Eyes on iPhone®?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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We detect installs of our iPhone®/iPad® app so that allies can see if members are frequently installing Covenant Eyes.

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We notate when the member installs the Covenant Eyes app on an iPhone®/iPad® in the Victory app Activity Feed and they trigger a Take a peek at activity; there may or may not be something to talk about Activity Summary.

  • Due to limitations with Apple, we can not detect if or when a member uninstalls Covenant Eyes from an iPhone® or iPad®.

  • Multiple Installs of Covenant Eyes on an iPhone® can indicate the member is uninstalling Covenant Eyes to bypass accountability and then reinstalling after.

  • To safeguard the Covenant Eyes app from being deleted from an iPhone or iPad, set up Screen Time (Apple’s device controls).

  • To talk to the member about this event, tap the "Ask (member name)" button to start a private Conversation in the Victory app

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