What is a Likely-Explicit DNS Connection?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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Likely-Explicit DNS Connection means Covenant Eyes detected a pornographic domain (website) on an iPhone® or iPad®.

About DNS

  • DNS stands for Domain Name System. A domain is a website, like ad.google.com or nike.com.

  • Covenant Eyes monitors all domains (website traffic) on an iPhone® or iPad® but only flags adult (likely-explicit) domains.

  • Specifically, Covenant Eyes tracks top-level domains. We rate and display the heart of the website (e.g., facebook.com) and not the entire website URL (e.g., facebook.com-userprofile-john-doe-8592748).

Likely-Explicit DNS Connection

A Likely-Explicit DNS Connection triggers a Potentially Concerning Event in the Activity Summary, and we notate them in the Activity Feed.


  • Covenant Eyes only tracks Likely-Explicit DNS Connections on iPhones and iPads.

  • If Covenant Eyes detects a domain from an iPhone®/iPad®as a Likely-Explicit DNS Connection, the website is probably pornographic.

  • BLOCKED means the Covenant Eyes filter stopped the connection (website) from happening and displaying its content. Covenant Eyes will block Likely-Explicit DNS Connections if the member uses our filter.

  • Covenant Eyes cannot determine if the member intentionally viewed Likely-Explicit DNS Connections because some apps generate activity in the background (when they update, refresh content, etc.) without the member's consent.

Prevent DNS Connections

  1. Use Apple's device controls, Screen Time, to limit adult content and keep the member from uninstalling our Safari Extension.

  2. Have the member use the Safari app as much as possible so we can screen-capture their activity via the Safari Extension.

  3. Turn off Background App Refresh for most apps to reduce unnecessary website traffic in the background. But leave it on for Covenant Eyes!

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