What does a Mac® Service Interruption mean on a report?

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This article applies to older accounts that deliver activity via email and My Account. The free Victory app provides 24/7 reporting. It is standard for all new accounts and available to older accounts.

Service Interruption means Covenant Eyes can’t monitor a Mac® computer because we can’t access Screen Recording.


About Screen Recording

Screen Recording is a privacy setting on Mac® computers.

  • When programs (like Zoom and Covenant Eyes) have access to Screen Recording, they can monitor and view your screen.

  • Starting with Mac® version 3.3.7, Covenant Eyes checks if our access to Screen Recording is enabled or disabled.

  • If Covenant Eyes’ access to Screen Recording is disabled, a Service Interruption message will appear on the next email report or in the Victory app as a Potentially Concerning Event.

There are two ways Screen Recording can be disabled:

  1. The member upgraded their macOS® (Mac® operating system) to Catalina 10.15 or higher and didn’t realize they needed to enable Screen Recording for Covenant Eyes.

  2. The member intentionally disabled Screen Recording or Covenant Eyes on the Mac®. If this is the case, re-enable Screen Recording for Covenant Eyes.

Report Subject Line

  • A Service Interruption event will automatically make a report's email subject line say "Review."

  • The report will show a Service Interruption message detailing the device and time frame.

How do I find the device & time frame for the Service Interruption?

  1. From the Service Interruption message on the report, select the “Inspect” button.
  2. You’ll be redirected to our online member portal, My Account. Sign in with your Covenant Eyes username and password.
  3. On this screen, you’ll see the name of the Mac, the date(s) and time(s) the Screen Recording permission was disabled, and how long it was disabled each time.


  • Covenant Eyes includes this message on reports to notify allies of potentially harmful online usage we couldn't monitor.

  • Allies, while being supportive, should consider why the member would try to conceal some online activity.

  • Not sure how to have a conversation about a Service Interruption? See How to Be the Best Ally Ever and How to Respond When Your Friend Looks at Porn.


To prevent the member from accessing and disabling Screen Recording on a Mac®, create a “Standard user” profile for them to use on the computer.

Standard user profiles cannot change System Settings (like Screen Recording) without the Mac® computer’s Administrator password (which the ally, spouse, or friend can keep).


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