What is the Screen Activity to Review report section?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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This article applies to older accounts that deliver activity via email and My Account. The free Victory app provides 24/7 reporting. It is standard for all new accounts and available to older accounts.

The Screen Activity to Review section (if you get your own report, it may say "Let's Review and Reflect") contains any concerning activity from the report's time frame.


  • Concerning Screenshot: Concerning Screenshots may contain pornography, so we censor them. Tap the blue Inspect button to view a blurred version of the screenshot.

  • Screenshot Information: We'll display the app or program name, date, time stamp, and page name (when applicable) for each screenshot.

  • Unmonitored Screen Activity: Unmonitored Screen Activity means Covenant Eyes couldn't monitor an Android™ screen because of Incognito Mode or an app's security features.

  • Service Interruption: Service Interruption means Screen Recording permission on a Mac® is disabled. Monitoring will not work correctly until Screen Recording is re-enabled.

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