What is the Devices report section?

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This article applies to older accounts that deliver activity via email and My Account. The free Victory app provides 24/7 reporting. It is standard for all new accounts and available to older accounts.

The Devices section (if you get your own report, it may say "Your Devices") contains all the devices from the report's time frame.


Device Name

  • The manufacturer typically sets the device’s name (e.g., “iPhone 12”).
  • If you want, you can change the name of your device (e.g., “iPhone 12” to “John’s iPhone”).
  • The device’s operating system will appear after the device’s name [e.g., “iPhone 12 (iOS)].

Order of Listing

  • We list devices on the report based on their screen size:  Mobile > Tablet > Desktop.
  • If there are multiple devices per category, we’ll sort them alphabetically based on their device name.

Activity Labels

A device may have multiple labels. There are four different labels:

  • Installed: If the member installs Covenant Eyes on a device, you’ll see an “Installed” label. Be cautious if you see multiple “Installed” labels. Talk to the member and ask if they’re struggling, experiencing technical issues, or got a new device.

  • Uninstalled: If the member generates an uninstall code on an Android™ device, Mac® computer, or Windows computer, we’ll add an “Uninstalled” label to that device. However, we can’t tell if the member used the uninstall code to remove Covenant Eyes. 

  • Last Detected: If our database hasn't received a signal from the Covenant Eyes software on the device, we'll label the day we "Las Detected" the device (e.g., <1 day ago).
  • Inactive: If the last time we detected a device was more than seven (7) days ago, we’ll label the device “Inactive.” A device will drop off the report entirely after 30 days of not being detected. The “Inactive” label may be due to something simple (e.g., the member was on vacation) or a sign that Covenant Eyes isn't working on the device.


iPhones and iPads have some unique scenarios:

  1. Multiple iPhones or iPads: An iPhone® or iPad® may appear more than once on a report because Covenant Eyes cannot consistently retrieve the device’s unique ID. A unique device ID is the equivalent of a human fingerprint – there’s a unique ID for every device. However, Covenant Eyes cannot always retrieve the device ID. For example, when an iPhone upgrades its operating system (iOS), we have trouble recognizing and matching the device ID to the device.

  2. No “Uninstalled” Label: Due to the uniqueness of iPhone® and iPad®, we cannot report if the member uninstalls Covenant Eyes. For this reason, we encourage all allies to be attentive to multiple “Installed” labels (because multiple installs can indicate prior uninstalls) and use Screen Time to disable the ability to delete apps.

  3. Multiple “Installed” Labels: Multiple “Installed” entries on a single report could indicate multiple uninstalls. The member and ally should talk about it.

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