How do I turn on the Covenant Eyes Safari extension on an iPhone®?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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Starting with Covenant Eyes iPhone® app version 6.0, we use a Safari extension to screen-monitor the Safari app! If you update the Covenant Eyes app, you may need to manually turn on our Safari extension to experience Screen Accountability in Safari.

Before You Begin

  • Update Covenant Eyes: You need to update the Covenant Eyes app to at least version 6.0 before you can turn on the extension.

  • Operating System (iOS) Requriement: You need at least iOS 15.1 in order to use our Safari extension.

  • Check Safari via Screen Time: If you set up Screen Time (Apple’s device controls) and disabled Safari, you must check Safari and turn it on.

Part One: Turn on the Covenant Eyes Safari Extension

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap “Safari.”
  3. Tap “Extensions.”
  4. Tap “Covenant Eyes.”

    If Covenant Eyes is greyed out, read The Covenant Eyes iPhone® Safari extension is greyed out. How do I turn it on? and then return to this article.

  5. Move the "Covenant Eyes" toggle switch to the right to turn it on (the switch will turn green).
  6. Tap “All Websites.”
  7. Tap “Allow.” Great job! You turned on the Covenant Eyes Safari extension.

Part Two: Lockdown the Safari Extension

If you don’t use Screen Time's Limit Adult Content feature, the iPhone® user can turn off the Covenant Eyes Safari extension, we can’t screen-capture Safari, and allies won’t be able to see their Safari activity.

You must use Apple’s device controls, Screen Time, and its Limit Adult Content feature so the user can’t remove our Safari extension.

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