Why can't I stream or cast on an iPhone® with Covenant Eyes?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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To protect copyrighted material, some streaming apps may produce black screenshots on your email report in the Victory app Activity Feed.

Some streaming apps (like Spectrum TV) have built-in safety features to protect copyrighted material from pirating. Their safety features may conflict with Covenant Eyes on iPhones/iPads.

Casting or Streaming with VPNs

On iPhones and iPads with Covenant Eyes, some streaming apps (like Netflix and Hulu) will play their content and cast it to another device.

However, other streaming apps (like Spectrum TV) won't play or cast content to another device because they detect our VPN.

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On iPhones and iPads, the Covenant Eyes app uses VPN-like technology to monitor web traffic across the device. Covenant Eyes is not blocking the streaming app: it's just a technical impasse.

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