How do I uninstall Covenant Eyes on a Mac®?

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Sydney W.
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About Uninstalling

Uninstall Covenant Eyes on Mac®

  1. Open Finder (the blue and white face in the Dock).
  2. Click "Applications," double-click the "Utilities" folder, and double-click "Uninstall Covenant Eyes."

    In Covenant Eyes versions previous to 1.5.0, Uninstall Covenant Eyes will be in Applications (not in the Utilities folder).

    Apps - Utilities - Uninstall Covenant Eyes.png
  3. If you have an Uninstall Code, enter it and click "Uninstall." If you don't have an Uninstall Code, click "Get Code…" and enter your Covenant Eyes username and password to get one.
    Uninstall CE with Uninstall Code.png
  4. Type in your computer password (not your Covenant Eyes password) to confirm uninstalling Covenant Eyes.
    Uninstall CE on Mac.png
  5. You may see this screen if you are/were subscribed to our filtering service. Click "Reveal Covenant in Finder" to view the Covenant Eyes app.
    Reveal CE App in Finder.png
  6. Right-click on Covenant Eyes and select "Move to Trash."
    Move CE App to Trash.png
  7. On the pop-up window, select "Continue" to uninstall Covenant Eyes.
    Remove CE Extension on macOS.png
  8. On the Finder wants to move Covenant Eyes to the Trash prompt, enter your Administrator computer password.
    Enter Mac Admin PW to Uninstall CE on macOS.png
  9. You uninstalled Covenant Eyes. Click the "Close" button to exit the uninstaller.

    If you receive a prompt to restart your computer, please restart it.

    Close CE Uninstaller on macOS.png

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