Why do I have two Covenant Eyes icons on my Mac® menu bar?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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After you install Covenant Eyes on a Mac®, two Covenant Eyes icons may appear on the Mac’s menu bar. Follow these steps to stop Covenant Eyes from starting up twice and displaying two icons:

  1. Select the apple icon () in the top left-hand corner of your screen and then select "System Settings."
    Apple icon - System Settings.png
  2. Select “General and then “Login Items.”
    System Settings - General - Login Items.png
  3. Select “Covenant Eyes” and then the “-” minus sign. Covenant Eyes should not be a Login Item now.
    Remove CE as Login Item on Mac.png
  4. Please restart your computer by clicking the Apple icon () and selecting “Restart.” After the restart, only one Covenant Eyes icon should be on your Mac’s menu bar!

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