How do I use Covenant Eyes on a shared Mac®?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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If multiple people share one computer profile on a Mac®, everyone's activity will be on one email report or in one Activity Feed in the Victory app.

Separate Covenant Eyes Usernames & Mac Profiles

To keep each person's activity in their report or Activity Feed, each person should have their own Covenant Eyes username and Mac® profile.

  1. Create a Covenant Eyes username for each member on your account.

  2. Create a Mac® computer profile for each member.

  3. Install Covenant Eyes on the main Mac® profile (the Administrator computer profile), and then Covenant Eyes will automatically install across all the Mac® profiles.

  4. When each person is done using the computer, they should hit "Command+Control+Q" on the keyboard, and the main log-in screen will appear. Whoever wants to use the Mac® next will have to use their Mac® computer profile username and password to access the computer.

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