How do I use Covenant Eyes on a shared Windows computer?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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If multiple people share one computer profile on a Windows computer, everyone's activity will be on one email Check-in or one Activity Feed in the Victory app.

Separate Covenant Eyes Usernames & Windows Profiles

To keep each person's activity in their email Check-in or Activity Feed, each person should have their own Covenant Eyes username and Windows profile.

  1. Create a Covenant Eyes username for each member on your account.

  2. Create a Windows profile for each member. Instructions for creating a new profile depend on your Windows version:

    - Create a profile on Windows 11
    - Create a profile on Windows 10
    - Create a profile on Windows 8
    - Create a profile on Windows 7

  3. Install Covenant Eyes on the main Windows profile (the Administrator computer profile), and then Covenant Eyes will automatically install across all the Windows profiles.

  4. When each person is done using the computer, they should hit the "Windows" key + the "L" on the keyboard, and the main log-in screen will appear. Whoever wants to use the computer next must use their profile username and password to access the computer.

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