How do I know if Covenant Eyes is working properly on an Android™?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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Check Your Home Screen

You should see the Covenant Eyes app on the Android™ home screen. If you cannot find the Covenant Eyes app on your home screen, download and install Covenant Eyes.

Check Our VPN

If Covenant Eyes is working properly on an Android™, the VPN icon (a key) should be visible at the top of the screen. The VPN monitors all your web and app traffic.

  1. Next to your WiFi or connection symbol, you’ll see a key icon representing our VPN.

Check the Screenshot Counter

In the Covenant Eyes app menu, we list the number of screenshots we've taken in the last 60 minutes. To check if Covenant Eyes is taking screenshots, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Covenant Eyes app on the Android™.

  2. The Covenant Eyes version number and the number of screenshots analyzed in the last 60 minutes are at the bottom of the screen.

Check Your Reporting Method

Finally, the iPhone® should show up on your reporting method:

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