Why can't I stream or cast on an Android™ with Covenant Eyes?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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Android™ devices running Android™ operating system 11 or newer and using Covenant Eyes app version 5.20.6 or higher should be able to screencast.

Some streaming apps have built-in safety features to protect their copyrighted material from pirating. Their safety features may conflict with Covenant Eyes on some Android™ devices.

Covenant Eyes & Screencasting

The Covenant Eyes app uses the screencasting feature on Android™ to screen-capture activity across the device.

  • When a streaming app on an Android™ detects Covenant Eyes using screencasting, it may block its content to protect it from pirating.

  • Covenant Eyes is not blocking the streaming app; it's just a technical impasse.

  • To protect their copyrighted material, some streaming apps may produce black screenshots on your email Check-in or in the Activity Feed of the Victory app.

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