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Robert B.
Robert B.
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  • Switch User Reporting: This item has been in Victory for a while, so we added it to Check-ins.

  • New Summary: The Check-in Summary now matches the Summaries we use in Victory.

  • New Legend/Key for the Summary: People have asked for more context around the Summary, and we hope the key provides that!

2023 Email Report Changes

We re-named Reports to "Check-ins." 

  • The best accountability includes checking in with each other and talking about things. We're using this term to underscore that reality.

  • The Victory app has become our primary accountability tool, so we adjusted the language in email to match the language in Victory.

We updated email subject lines and implemented "traffic light" colors to color-code activity.

  • 🔴 Concerning Activity was detected. Our AI detected a sexually Explicit Screenshot or Covenant Eyes was uninstalled.

  • 🟡 Highlighted Activity was detected, and we encourage you to review it. Our AI detected something in a screenshot and isn't sure if it's concerning. Other actions can also trigger Highlighted Activity.

  • 🟢 No Highlighted or Concerning Activity was detected. Our AI didn't detect anything concerning.

We changed "Suggestive Screenshots" to "Highlighted Activity."

  • "Suggestive" means so many different things to different people, so this label wasn't as helpful as we hoped.

  • Our AI knows the difference between "clean" screenshots (Recap Screenshots) and "dirty" screenshots (Explicit Screenshots), but it has trouble with the in-between. 

  • So, we're using the "Highlighted Activity" label to encourage people to review the image(s) for themselves.

We added a feedback link at the bottom of the email.

  • Please use the link to share your thoughts on these new changes!

  • Our team appreciates your time and looks forward to hearing from you.

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