What are Conversations in the Victory app?

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Sydney W.
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The Conversation feature in the Victory app allows allies and members to connect and reflect on activity easily and securely!

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About Conversations

  • BETA: The Conversations tab is currently in BETA. Based on your feedback, we're open to improving the usefulness of the Conversations feature!

  • Secure: All messages are sent via HTTPS (a sealed encryption process). We also delete all messages after 27 days.

  • Private: Covenant Eyes and Member Care Agents cannot view or see messages in Conversations.

Start a Conversation

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  • To have a conversation, tap the "Accountability" tab in Victory, the messages icon in the top-right-hand corner, and the person's name you want to talk to.

React to the Activity Summary

If an ally selects the "React" button, they can choose one of four emojis to "react" with. Then, a push notification is sent to the member's mobile device, and a default message is added to the Conversation. 

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The "React" button and emoji options will change depending on the member's activity and Activity Summary:

  • Good news: we didn't find anything concerning - The default "React" button is clapping hands (👏).

  • Take a peek at activity; there may or may not be something to talk about - The default "React" button is a thinking emoji (🤔).

  • Review activity now; we've detected something concerning - The default "React" button is prayer hands (🙏).

Share & Conversations

The "Share" button generates a default message that the ally viewed the Activity Summary and sends it to the Conversation.

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  • Customize: After an ally taps the "Share" button, they can write a customized note to the message (e.g., Let's talk about this soon! Can I call you tomorrow?).

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