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We are sunsetting our online member portal ( The Victory app is your new go-to place to manage relationships, members, personal information, notifications, and subscriptions. The Covenant Eyes app still monitors and filters, and Victory does everything else!

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Tap the "Accountability" tab to see a list of your relationships.

Here you can:

Personal Information

To update your personal information, tap the "Account" tab and "Edit my info."

Here you can:

Notifications & Activity Preferences

If you want to change your notifications and Activity Preferences, tap the "Account" tab and "Settings."

Here you can:


If you need to update your billing or subscription information, tap the "Account" tab and "My Subscriptions."

Here, Admins can:

  • Update your card information
  • Review past invoices & receipts 


Here are some answers to questions that have been coming in!


How do I use Victory if I don't have a smartphone?

The Victory app is available as a website! You can access and use Victory by going to

Can I delete the Covenant Eyes app after installing/logging in to Victory? 

No. The technology for monitoring and filtering is in the Covenant Eyes app. That technology is not in Victory.


The Victory app is free. Does that mean my bill goes away?  

No. What people pay for is the service provided by Covenant Eyes. Victory is the tool for managing that service.


Why is this change to account management happening? 

My Account's underlying technology is outdated, and Victory's technology is modern.


Is the Covenant Eyes website going away?

It's getting under-the-hood improvements and a minor facelift in 2024, but it's not going away.

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