Netflix Parental Controls

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Netflix is a popular online streaming service that offers instant access to various TV shows and movies, from cartoons to adult movies.

Create Profiles

Create a profile for each person to keep the movie and show preferences separate from others on your account. This also allows you to control what content can be accessed per profile.

Use the Kids Profile

Netflix offers a built-in “kids” profile with preselected content specifically for children. By default, the profile cannot access account settings or view highly rated content.

Set a Maturity Level

Parents can set a maturity (age) level for each profile on their Netflix account:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Select the desired profile
  3. Select “Viewing Restrictions”
  4. Input your Netflix password
  5. Select the bubble above the highest maturity rating you want your children to view and select “Save.”

Lock Adult Profiles

To keep your children from using your profile, lock your profile with a PIN. The kids can then use their profiles or the Netflix Kids profile.

Disable Autoplay

Netflix has two autoplay features:

  1. Autoplay the Next Episode: You can turn off the autoplay the next episode feature for your children’s profile and the Netflix Kids profile. 

  2. Autoplay Previews: You can also turn off all previews by editing your Playback settings for autoplay previews.

Access Viewing History

To view the history of a profile on your Netflix account, follow these steps:

  1. Access your account
  2. Select “Profile & Parental Controls” settings (for the desired profile)
  3. Select “Viewing activity”

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