How does monitoring work?

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Sydney W.
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Our monitoring service, Screen Accountability, randomly screenshots your device's screen and then analyzes the screenshots for explicit content. 

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We highlight questionable screenshots in the email Check-in or Victory app for the ally to review.

Capturing & Transferring Activity

After you install the Covenant Eyes app, here is how we capture and transfer your activity:

  1. The Covenant Eyes app captures a screenshot on your device at least once per minute.

  2. Our artificial intelligence (AI) program looks for explicit content in the screenshot.

  3. Next, the software shrinks the screenshot on your device, blurs it, and modifies it to protect your private information.

  4. We transfer the blurred screenshot to our database via HTTPS (a secure transfer protocol).

  5. We store the image on secure servers that use AES 256-bit encryption (the same encryption your bank uses).

  6. We don’t keep screenshots for more than 30 days. We then permanently and irretrievably delete them from our databases.

Blurring & Modifying Images

Here is how we blur and modify images from your devices to protect your privacy:

  • Noise: Our software removes the color from some pixels, so the image appears to have random white dots. This noise process helps blur any text on the image while making the image appear fuzzy.

  • Pixelation: Our artificial intelligence (AI) program enlarges randomly selected pixels.

  • Pixel Randomization: As the final modification, our program mathematically changes the pixels, so they don’t blend as well.


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