What is the Victory app?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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The Victory app is the brand-new companion app to Covenant Eyes. Victory helps you and the ones you love live free from porn through transformative accountability relationships.

The Victory App

Activity Reporting App for Allies


Allies should install the Victory app on their iPhone® or Android™ so they can:

The Covenant Eyes App

Monitoring App for Members


Members should install Covenant Eyes their iPhone®, Android™, Mac®, & Windows devices so we can:

Experience Victory Over Porn

  1. Sign up and subscribe to Covenant Eyes.
  2. Install the Covenant Eyes app on your devices so we can monitor your activity.
  3. Invite a trusted friend to mentor you and be your ally.
  4. Have your friend install the Victory app so they can see your device activity.
  5. Experience the power of accountability.

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