Why can't I find the Check-in in my email inbox?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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This article applies to older accounts that deliver activity via email. The free Victory app provides 24/7 reporting. It is standard for all new accounts and available to older accounts.

Email Check-ins may move to a different folder in your inbox when email providers update their routing rules and spam filter settings. Check your spam and junk folders:

Search Inbox & Confirm Info.

  1. In your email, search for “reports@covenanteyes.com” to try and find the email Check-in. If your email marked the Check-in as spam, unmark it as spam to receive future Check-ins in your primary inbox.

  2. Please log in to My Account to confirm that your email address on file is correct. If your email address needs to be corrected, update it.

  3. Log in to My Account to verify you are an ally for the member you're helping. If you’re not an ally, reach out to the member and ask them to add you as their ally.

  4. If you still cannot find the email Check-in, please Contact Member Care for assistance.

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