What are Check-in Reminders in the Victory app?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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Check-in reminders are push notifications that remind you to connect with the member you are helping.

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About Check-in Reminders

  • Time of day: You can control the time of day you receive the Check-in Reminder by viewing the person you hold accountable's Activity Feed. For example, if you want to receive the reminder at noon, open the person's Activity Feed at noon and then receive it every day at noon.

  • No reminder if you view the Activity Feed: If you open the Victory app and view Activity for the person you're helping before the reminder comes, it won't come that day because you've already viewed the Activity Feed.

  • Ensure device notifications are on: If you aren't receiving Check-in Reminders, ensure you have Notifications on for the Victory app in your iPhone® Settings app or your Android™ Settings app.

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