What is the Activity Feed in the Victory app?

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Sydney W.
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The Victory app Activity Feed is an easy-to-use, scrollable list of the member's device activity.

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Types of Activity

View & Filter Activity

In the Activity Feed, you can scroll through all activity or quickly sort activity by device or by type of activity:

  1. Open the Victory app and sign in.
  2. Tap "Accountability" and the name of the person for whom you want to view activity.
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  3. Tap "Activity Feed" and "Filter."
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  4. Choose the activity category or device for which you want to sort the activity and tap "Apply Filter."
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  5. You'll return to the Activity Feed, and Victory will show you the activity for your selected settings.

Ask the Member About Activity

From the Activity Feed, you can easily ask the member about device usage or activity by tapping the "Ask (member name)" button.

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  • After tapping the "Ask (member name" button, we'll load the activity into a private Conversation with the member in the Victory app.

  • You can write a custom message with the activity in the Conversation, or just send the activity to the member.

  • Read What are Conversations in the Victory app? for more information.

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