Can you get around monitoring?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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Covenant Eyes protects our monitoring software in the following ways so the member cannot get around Covenant Eyes:

No Sign-Out Option

The Covenant Eyes software does not have a "sign out" option, ensuring a member is always signed in and continually monitored. 

You can switch users if you want to change the username currently signed in.


The only way to disable monitoring is to uninstall Covenant Eyes. You must have an Uninstall Code to uninstall Covenant Eyes on a computer.

The Account Admin (Admin) can generate an Uninstall Code anytime. The Admin can also remove a member's Uninstall Permission so they cannot get an Uninstall Code.

Due to Apple's & Google's rules, Covenant Eyes cannot require a member to use an Uninstall Code to delete Covenant Eyes on mobile devices. But you can use Apple's free Screen Time settings to safeguard the Covenant Eyes app so the member can't delete it. For Android™ devices, we send an Activity Alert if the member uninstalls.

Secure Activity & Reporting

Members cannot delete screenshots or activity from their email Check-in or Activity Feed in the Victory app. Nor can Covenant Eyes alter, edit, or change a member's activity.

Account Structure

Only the Admin can cancel the Covenant Eyes subscription. This account structure is helpful for some members and families because you can make the ally or parent the Admin, which protects the person in recovery or children from canceling.

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