How do I add an Account Admin?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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Only the Account Admin (Admin) can add new Admins in our online member portal, My Account.

  1. Tap this link to view the Account Admin page in My Account and sign in with your Covenant Eyes username and password.

  2. If the person isn't on your account, enter their full name. Choose if you want them to manage the account with you (tap "With me") or for you (tap "For me"), and then tap "Next."

    If the person is already on your account, select the bubble next to their name, tap "With me" or "For me," tap "Next," and tap "Confirm." They're now an Admin! You're all set.

  3. Tap "Confirm."
  4. Choose the new Admin's services, and enter their email address and phone number. Choose a username and password. (They can change their services and password later if needed.)
  5. Choose a security question for them, answer, time zone, and tap "Add member and adjust settings." (They can edit this information later if needed.)
  6. We'll send the new Admin a confirmation email.

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