How do I update my timezone?

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About Timezones

  • The timezone you select for your profile in Victory dictates activity (e.g., screenshot) timestamps [exception: activity timestamps from Android™ devices are controlled by the device's time].

  • If no timezone is chosen in Victory, the default timezone is Eastern.

Update Timezone

  1. Open the Victory app on your phone or tablet and enter your username and password to sign in.
  2. Tap "Account."
    Friday, 02 Feb 2024 14_57_44.png
  3. Tap "Edit my info."

    If you're an Admin & want to update a member's timezone on your account...

    Under Other members on my account, tap the person's name, tap "Edit their info," and proceed to step #4.
    Tuesday, 26 Dec 2023 12_42_43.pngTuesday, 26 Dec 2023 12_42_49.png

    Thursday, 21 Dec 2023 15_11_14.png
  4. Scroll down and select your desired timezone from the Timezone drop-down menu.

    If your timezone uses Daylight Savings Time, tap the box next to "Observes Daylight Saving Time."

    Thursday, 25 Jan 2024 18_57_22.png
  5. You'll see a confirmation message. You're all set!
    Thursday, 25 Jan 2024 18_57_29.png

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