How does filtering work with ad blockers?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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An ad blocker is like a mini-program for your browser (Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc.) that blocks pop-ups and advertisements.

Most ad blockers are free, but you can purchase or subscribe to them to unlock special features and content.

Using Ad Blockers

The Covenant Eyes filter is website-based, so its primary function is blocking explicit websites. Pairing an ad blocker with our filter may be helpful so you stop seeing inappropriate ads and pop-ups.

Compatible Ad Blockers

We tested the most popular ad blockers and their compatibility with monitoring and filter services! We did not test how well the blockers performed. Here are some compatible ad blockers:

Ad Blocker Available on Google Chrome Available on Microsoft Edge Available on Firefox Available on Safari
Adblock Plus
uBlock Origin

Installing Ad Blockers

To install an ad blocker extension, navigate to the browser’s online extension store:

  • Google Chrome: search for the desired ad blocker in the Chrome Web Store and click the “Add to Chrome” button.

  • Microsoft Edge: search for the desired ad blocker on the Microsoft Edge Add-ons page and click the “Get” button.

  • Firefox: search for the desired ad blocker in the Firefox Browser Add-Ons page and click the “+ Add to Firefox” button.

  • Safari: search for the desired ad blocker in the App Store® and click the “GET” button.

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