How does filtering work with other filters or parental controls?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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If you use another filtering service or parental control software with Covenant Eyes, the other service may "fight" with our filter. This may result in no internet access or otherwise "safe" sites being blocked.

Here are some programs that may conflict with Covenant Eyes:

  • OpenDNS (or similar router-based filters)
  • Any app or program that implements or protects DNS settings
  • Disney Circle (a device for controlling your home WiFi)
  • Coffee shop, corporate, and educational wireless networks that use filtering
  • Google WiFi Parental Controls
  • Other filtering programs
  • Parental Controls on Mac® (for Covenant Eyes to work, they must be turned off on every profile)
  • Parental Controls through your Internet Service Provider
  • Screen Time settings on Mac®

See if there is a conflict:

If you have internet connection issues on a device, there may be a conflict between Covenant Eyes and the other filter or parental controls. To see if the Covenant Eyes filter is conflicting with another filtering service:

  1. On the device you're having internet connection issues, switch to a mobile hotspot or another internet connection.
  2. If you can access the internet after switching to a mobile hotspot or another internet connection, there is a conflict with the prior network.

Remove the conflict:

  1. You can remove the conflicting service from your device, router, or network.
  2. Restart the device.
  3. The internet connection issues should be resolved.

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