How does filtering work with YouTube?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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Covenant Eyes will filter YouTube if you use the Strong Blocking Level.

About YouTube Restricted Mode

  • Only the Filter Guardian can override YouTube Restricted Mode (Restricted Mode) and edit the Custom Website List.

  • Strong Blocking enforces Restricted Mode, and the member can't turn it off on their devices.

  • Restricted Mode is YouTube's parental control setting.

  • Restricted Mode disables comments on YouTube videos and blocks explicit videos.

  • Covenant Eyes has no control over what Restricted Mode blocks or doesn't block.

  • If you would like to learn more about Restricted Mode, you can read YouTube's article.

Restricted Mode & Strong Blocking

  • Using Restricted Mode with Strong Blocking is an all-or-nothing approach.

  • We automatically enforce Restricted Mode with Strong Blocking.

  • Remember that Covenant Eyes cannot control or customize what Restricted Mode blocks or doesn't.

Blocking YouTube

  • You can completely block YouTube on the Standard or Strong Blocking Level. 
  • Add as a blocked website to your Custom Website List, and Covenant Eyes will block YouTube.

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