How does filtering work with YouTube?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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Covenant Eyes will filter YouTube if you use the Strong Blocking Level.

About YouTube Restricted Mode

  • Only the Filter Guardian can override YouTube Restricted Mode (Restricted Mode) and edit the Custom Website List.

  • Strong Blocking enforces Restricted Mode, and the member can't turn it off on their devices (unless the Filter Guardian overrides it).

  • Restricted Mode is YouTube's parental control setting.

  • Restricted Mode disables comments on YouTube videos and blocks explicit videos.

  • Covenant Eyes has no control over what Restricted Mode blocks or doesn't block.

  • If you would like to learn more about Restricted Mode, you can read YouTube's article.

Restricted Mode & Strong Blocking

Using Restricted Mode with Strong Blocking is an all-or-nothing approach:

Use Restricted Mode

We automatically enforce Restricted Mode with Strong Blocking. Remember that Covenant Eyes cannot control or customize what Restricted Mode blocks or doesn't.

Override Restricted Mode

  1. Add the following YouTube websites as allowed websites via the Custom Website List:

  2. Now toggle off Restricted Mode on your devices. The rest of Strong Blocking will remain intact (we'll still block mixed-content sites, VPNs, etc.).

    You cannot override or toggle off Restricted Mode on Mac® computers with Strong Blocking.

Blocking YouTube

  • You can completely block YouTube on the Standard Blocking Level or the Strong Blocking Level. 
  • Add as a blocked website to your Custom Website List, and Covenant Eyes will block YouTube.

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