How does filtering work?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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Only the Filter Guardian can adjust filter settings in our online member portal, My Account.

The filter works in two ways: Blocking Level and Custom Website List.

Blocking Level

The Blocking Level is a pre-determined setting that tells the filter how strictly to block content. We have two Blocking Levels:


  • Standard Blocking Level (default): Blocks access to all adult, pornographic, and explicit websites. It does not block proxy or VPN domains. Mixed-content sites (like Reddit) are allowed. Google and Bing are set to use SafeSearch.

  • Strong Blocking Level: Blocks everything Standard Blocking does, in addition to proxies, VPN domains, some mixed-content sites (like Reddit), and YouTube is set to restricted.

The Custom Website List

You can use the Custom Website List to personalize your filter by blocking and allowing specific websites. 




  • You cannot block or allow specific pages of a website.

  • You cannot block or allow IP Addresses.

  • You can block or allow specific sections (subdomains) of a website.


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