How do I fix the "Unable to contact the Covenant Eyes servers (code AA)" error message in the Covenant Eyes iPhone® app?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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Turn on Cellular Data for Covenant Eyes in the iPhone® Settings app to fix the “Unable to contact the Covenant Eyes servers (code AA)” error message.


About the Error

This error message only appears if you try to sign in to our iPhone® app with a weak or non-existent internet connection. 

Turn on Cellular Data for Covenant Eyes

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap “Cellular Data.”
    Saturday, 23 Sep 2023 16_18_33 (1).png
  3. Find “Covenant Eyes.” 
    find ce.png
  4. Move the toggle switch to the right to turn it on (the switch will turn green).
    move the toggle.png
  5. Please restart your iPhone® to re-launch the Covenant Eyes app and our VPN service. You should now be able to sign in and get online in the Covenant Eyes app.

    If you still receive the same error message after going through the above steps, please make sure Airplane Mode is off. Open the Settings app > Airplane Mode > The toggle switch should be off (white). If the toggle switch is green, move it to the left to turn it off and restart your iPhone®.

Activity & Reporting

  • For members using the Victory app: This error message will not appear in the Activity Feed for the Victory app.

  • For members using email reports: No, it will not appear on your report because it’s just an internet connection error message.

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