Resources for Women with a Partner Addicted to Pornography

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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When a woman discovers her partner or spouse is addicted to pornography, she may feel betrayed and resentful. This article shares resources to help women heal from their partners’ pornography or sexual addiction. 

Covenant Eyes' Resources

The Covenant Eyes Podcast

Experts from a cross-section of fields join us each week to talk about helping Christians battle pornography addictions, sexual brokenness, restoring marriages, and parenting in an over-sexualized culture.

The Covenant Eyes Blog

Blog posts for men struggling with porn and how wives can find support and healing. Popular posts for women:

Hope After Porn: 4 Women Share Their Heartache & How Their Marriages Were Saved

In this ebook, four women share their stories of heartbreak because of their husbands’ betrayals, and how they found reconciliation and restoration despite it.

Porn & Your Husband: A Recovery Guide for Wives

This free ebook answers some of the common questions about pornography use and offers practical strategies for healing the marriage.

Restored Vows: a Porn Recovery Series for Couples

Join Brandon and Tonia on a candid journey, where they reveal their darkest moments and share what they did to find healing and hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Support Groups

Betrayal Trauma Recovery

“Face the lies, porn use, infidelity, sexual coercion, emotional abuse, and narcissism with support & confidence.”


“Bloom For Catholic Women offers therapeutic and Catholic-based online courses for women healing from the trauma of discovering their husband’s sexual and/or pornography addiction.” Note: You need a subscription to access all of Bloom’s content.

Celebrate Recovery

“… A Christ-centered, 12-step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain or addiction of any kind…”

Hope Redefined

“Support and Coach for Women Impacted by Sexual Betrayal”

Porn Pain Healed

“I [Lori Pyatt] am a BraveHearts Certified Mentor™ who’s also completed the APSATS M-PTM Training so I can help partners like you get your life back and peace of mind again.”

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