How do I safely test the filter to make sure it's working?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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You must subscribe to Covenant Eyes, add filtering to your username, and install the Covenant Eyes app for the filter to work.

  1. Go to on the device you want to test. (Make sure you're typing into the address bar.)
  2. You should get a message that says Your filter settings are currently blocking your access to This message means the filter is active and working correctly! You're all set.
  3. If you don't see the above message and we redirect you to, the filter isn't working correctly. To resolve the issue:
  • Double-check that your username has filtering. Tap this link to view your Settings and sign in with your username and password. Under Services, it should say "Screen Accountability and Filtering." If it doesn't include Filtering, ask your Account Admin to add the filter.

  • Make sure your username is signed into the Covenant Eyes app. To see what username is signed in, follow the same steps you'd follow to switch users.

  • If you need help, Contact Member Care. Please get in touch with Member Care if you need help with the filter.

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