How do I block a website with the Custom Website List?

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About Blocking a Website

  • Filter Guardians have full control over the Custom Website List for the members they're helping.

  • Members have limited control over their Custom Website List. They can block websites with the Custom Website list, but once they've added it, only the Filter Guardian can remove it.

Block a Website

  1. Open the Victory app on your phone or tablet and enter your username and password to sign in.
  2. Tap "Accountability" and the member whose Custom Website List you want to adjust.
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  3. Tap "Settings" and then tap "Custom Website List."
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  4. Enter the website you want to block and tap the "Block" button.

    The Dos & Don'ts of Blocking a Website

    Example Accepted or Not Accepted Note ✅ Accepted This is how we suggest you enter a website into the Custom Website List.
    * ❌ Not Accepted The Custom Website List does not support wildcards (*). ❌ Not Accepted The Custom Website List does not support "HTTP" or "HTTPS" and will remove them automatically if you type them in. ❌ Not Accepted A specific page of a website cannot be allowed or blocked. ✅ Accepted A specific section of a website, called a subdomain, can be allowed or blocked. ❌ Not Accepted You cannot add an IP Address to the Custom Website List.

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  5. You'll see a confirmation message and the website with 🚫 next to it. Refresh Covenant Eyes on your devices, and now the website is blocked.

    If the website is still accessible after refreshing Covenant Eyes, clear your browser's cookies and cache. Choose your browser to learn how to clear them: Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

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