How do I set up my account to help my partner or spouse?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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You must sign up and subscribe to Covenant Eyes before you can set up your account.

Separate Usernames

Your partner needs their own Covenant Eyes username. Never share your username and password, or your partner may be able to uninstall Covenant Eyes.

Add a member profile (username) to your account for your partner. Put in their full name, email, etc.

Remove Uninstall Permission

You can also remove your partner's Uninstall Permission. You can get an Uninstall Code and help them if they need to uninstall.

Add Filtering

You can add our website filter to your partner's username if you'd like to. Then, we'll automatically block explicit websites on their devices.

Install Covenant Eyes

Install Covenant Eyes on your partner's devices so we can monitor them. Sign in with their username and password.

Set Up Accountability

An ally is like a mentor or sponsor. Your partner can add you as an ally so you can review their device activity in the Victory app to hold them accountable.

Learn and Grow

Covenant Eyes has various free resources to help couples! Check out our Free Ebooks and Email Challenges.

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