How does the Covenant Eyes app work on an iPhone®?

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Sydney W.
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On iPhones and iPads with iOS (operating system) 15.1 or higher, Covenant Eyes uses Screen Accountability in Safari, device-wide domain (website) monitoring, and filtering.

Screen Accountability in Safari

If your iPhone® or iPad® has iOS 15.1 or higher, Screen Accountability (our monitoring service) screen-captures your activity in Safari!

  • You can now safely use the Safari browser to search the web, watch Youtube videos, and more while being safely monitored with Screen Accountability via our Safari extension.

  • The Covenant Eyes iPhone®/iPad® app is also a browser. On older iPhones and iPads, we can’t screen-capture Safari and only take screenshots inside the Covenant Eyes browser app.

  • Regardless of your reporting method, screenshots from Safari show up in email reports and the Victory app.

Victory App


Suggestive and Explicit screenshots from our iPhone/iPad browser will appear in the Victory app's Activity Feed. For general review, some non-explicit screenshots (Recap Screenshots) may appear in the Activity Feed.

Email Reports


Concerning Screenshots from our iPhone/iPad browser will appear in the report's Screen Activity to Review section. For general review, some non-explicit screenshots may appear in the Recap of Activity report section.

Domain Monitoring

Covenant Eyes cannot screenshot your apps’ activity on iPhones and iPads. So instead of taking screenshots of your apps, we monitor all your domains (web traffic) with a VPN-like background process.

  • We created and patented a process that works similarly to a VPN. We call this process our Tunneled Monitoring Service (TMS). TMS makes an internal, secure tunnel in the background of your device that allows us to monitor your device’s activity.

  • A traditional VPN allows your device to connect securely to an external source or a server. Our TMS runs on your device but doesn’t connect to an external source.

  • TMS monitors your domain activity. A domain is a website, like or Covenant Eyes reports the root of the domain (i.e., instead of the entire website URL (i.e.,

Victory App


We'll list explicit domains as Explicit DNS Connections in the Victory app's Activity Feed. If you use our filter, you will see "blocked" for any explicit domains.

Email Reports


We'll list any explicit domains in the Mobile Background Data section of the report. If you use our filter, you will see "blocked" next to any explicit domains.

Website Filtering & Blocking

The filter is an optional service that runs in the background of your iPhone®/iPad® and blocks explicit websites across all browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) and apps on your device.

  • There are two Blocking Levels: Standard (default) and Strong.
  • Each level comes with a Custom Website List, so you can block or allow specific websites.

Add More Protection

  • With Screen Time, Apple's device controls, you can:

    • Disable Safari
    • Disable the ability to install and delete apps
    • Use Downtime to set a time limit for your device

  • In the Settings app on your iPhone® or iPad®, set Covenant Eyes as your default browser!

    If you set Covenant Eyes as your default browser, you can automatically open links from text messages or emails in Covenant Eyes.

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