How does the Covenant Eyes app work on an iPhone®?

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Sydney W.
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We're removing the browser portion of the Covenant Eyes app for iPhone® in 2024. We encourage you to set Safari® as your default browser and turn on our Safari® extension so we can screen-capture your activity!

On iPhones and iPads with iOS (operating system) 15.1 or higher, Covenant Eyes uses Screen Accountability in Safari®, device-wide domain (website) monitoring, and filtering.

Screen Accountability in Safari®

If your iPhone® or iPad® has iOS 15.1 or higher, Screen Accountability (our monitoring service) screen-captures your activity in Safari®!

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Domain Monitoring

Covenant Eyes cannot screenshot your apps’ activity on iPhones and iPads. So instead of taking screenshots of your apps, we monitor all your domains (web traffic) with a VPN-like background process.

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  • In the Victory app's Activity Feed, we'll list explicit domains as Likely-Explicit DNS Connections. If you use our filter, you will see "blocked" for any explicit domains.

  • We created and patented a process that works similarly to a VPN. We call this process our Tunneled Monitoring Service (TMS). TMS makes a secure tunnel in the background of your device that lets us monitor your activity.

  • A traditional VPN allows your device to connect securely to an external source or a server. Our TMS runs on your device but doesn’t connect to an external source.

  • TMS monitors your domain activity. A domain is a website, like or Covenant Eyes reports the root of the domain (i.e., instead of the entire website URL (i.e.,

Website Filtering & Blocking

The filter is an optional service that runs in the background of your iPhone®/iPad® and blocks explicit websites across all browsers (Google Chrome, Safari®, etc.) and apps on your device.

Add More Protection

  • With Screen Time (Apple's device controls), you can:

    • Disable the ability to install and delete apps
    • Use Downtime to set a time limit for the device

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