Why did Covenant Eyes charge me twice in one month?

Sydney W.
Sydney W.
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Outstanding Invoice

An outstanding invoice means you have an overdue balance. If you have an overdue balance, you may see two charges from Covenant Eyes in one month (one charge for the balance and another for your regular subscription). An overdue balance can be collected in any of the following ways:

  • Our billing system will automatically try to charge you the balance amount every 7 days until the charge is successful or the subscription is canceled due to non-payment.

  • Our Accounting Team may try to collect the overdue balance any time after 7 days.

  • The Account Admin can also log in to Victory Online and manually process the payment.

Cancelled & Resubscribed 

Covenant Eyes will cancel your subscription if you have an unpaid balance for 30 days. If you decide to resubscribe, you will receive two charges within 7-10 business days:

  • First charge: we charge you the balance you had before your cancellation.

  • Second charge: we charge you for your first month of service (for monthly subscriptions) or your year of service (for yearly subscriptions).

Personal Subscription Adjustments

Longtime Covenant Eyes members may be on our legacy (discontinued) Personal Subscription. It has a base rate and increases in price depending on the members and services you add:

  • Filtering (website blocking): $1.50 per member each month (or $18 a year per member each year)

  • Accountability (screen monitoring): $2.00 per member each month (or $24 per member each year)

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